Update: 3/12/20

The Diakonos Group, LLC ,our skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, and our independent and assisted living communities are halting all non-medically necessary visitation effective immediately. We will be sending out very specific guidelines to all families, staff, residents and patients later today. We deeply regret having to take such assertive measures but safety of those we care for must come first. We pray this spread of COVID-19 is taken seriously by the public and that the virus spread will stop. Please keep our residents, patients, families, our staff, all of the vulnerable and those that care for them in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Clarification: We will be posting specifics later today. Please remember we always have phone calls, FaceTime and Skype visits available and we are working on other options to keep families connected with their loved ones. Those connections are imperative to the health and happiness for both sides. Please stay tuned for more specifics.

Update: 3/9/20

The Diakonos Group, as a company, has decided to take an assertive, proactive approach to virus control in all of our communities. We have become deeply concerned at the impact of the flu and other viruses on our elders this year. Last week we had a serious flu outbreak and a GI virus outbreak in three communities. These viruses impact our residents/patients/clients more severely than the healthy public. We understand that the general public may not be affected seriously by these viruses, but those we care for have compromised systems and they are at the highest risk. We must take more stringent precautions to prevent this from occurring again and to be ready for COVID-19 to hit Oklahoma.

We all have been watching the progression the COVID-19 virus around the world. The virus has now hit a skilled nursing facility in Washington State and has caused multiple deaths. This is not the time for panic or chaos. It is time for calm, strategic change in our daily operations. We are implementing our Emergency Preparedness plans throughout the company. We have implemented multiple changes for visitors and for sanitizing prior to entering our communities.

We now have set visiting hours of 9:00-11:30 a.m. and 5:00-7:30 p.m. If we have an extenuating circumstance we can make an exception to those hours on an individual basis. We will also be offering various options for visitors such as video calls. We are changing codes on our key pads at entrances so that visitors and staff will enter through one or two primary entrances and use a staff maintained sanitization station. We have heavy restrictions on vendors as we know they go in and out of many places each day and we do not want to put our community at risk. We have posted signs at each door, sent letters to families, residents/patients/clients and to our staff. We are making calls to each responsible party and families at this time.

We know this will be more work temporarily and it is not ideal for anyone, but this is what we do. You trust us to care for your loved ones and to keep them safe. Right now keeping them safe requires us to implement our Emergency Preparedness Plan for each community. We appreciate your support and cooperation during this time. Communication is key. I am so proud of our proactive approach to this uncertain time for our most fragile in our society.

Please join us in our thoughts and prayers for those around the world and in the USA that are affected by COVID-19, and this devastating flu.

God bless,
Scott Pilgrim, CEO
Kimberly Green, COO

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